Listed Building Projects

We have worked on many Listed Buildings including Warmwell House, Warmwell and Bridehead House, Littlebredy.

Please use this link for viewing works carried out on Listed Churches.

Above : Warmwell House, Warmwell

Works carried out :

Roof and leadwork repairs & renewals

Internal door fire proofing

Upgrading of upper rooms for wedding guests

Drainage , paving and path repairs & conservation

Repairs & conservation of outbuildings

Rebuilding storm damage brick wall to walled garden

Renovation of The Lodge

Renovation of Coach House for Wedding Venue

Works to Estate Properties and Houses

Above : Bridehead House, Littlebredy

Works carried out :

Roof and leadwork repairs & renewals

Repairs & conservation of windows & doors

Works to Estate Properties & Houses

Above : The complete reconstruction (as original) of a rear extension to a Listed Building in Dorchester. The defective rear extension was carefully recorded and taken down, new foundations laid and the building rebuilt using existing and recycled bricks and slates.

Above : Rebuilding of Stable Block gable end in Warmwell. (conservation area)

The gable stone and brickwork was carefully photographed and recorded prior to careful dismantling. The gable was then rebuilt in lime mortar reusing the original materials. The roof timbers adjoining were replaced and the original tiles reinstated.