Chimney Rebuilds

Chimneys are often badly constructed initially with lead trays either in the wrong place, incorrectly installed or even completely missing. Unfortunately, many rebuilds suffer the same defects due to poor workmanship. They are naturally out of sight but can cause much water ingress damage. Patination oil is applied to new leadwork during and on completion of works to protect the lead surface and to prevent lead run off staining to slates or tiles.

We are fortunate in having experienced "in house" bricklayers and a leadworker who work carefully and closely together. 

Below : Rebuilding of large Brick Chimney on the Bridehead Estate, Littlebredy.

This rather unusual pretty massive 4 flued brick stack set diagonally on a large base was in a poor state. It was carefully taken down, a new lead tray was installed. 

The stack was then rebuilt to the same design as before with corbelled top courses and new lead flashings and pots. 

All work "in house" - brickwork by Matt Board & Leadwork by Simon Crumbleholme.

Below : Chimney 

Below : Rebuilding of brick stack in Warmwell to increased height above thatched roof (insurance requirement). New lead tray and flashings. Bricks were carefully cleaned and then reused.

Left :  Another one of our chimney rebuilds with correctly installed lead trays and stepped flashings.